NILDE originates from an idea of Silvana Mangiaracina and Roberto Ginnetti, in the context of the BIBLIO-MIME project of CNR. It developed into a technologically advanced service for Document Delivery between the libraries of CNR, based on Internet transmission, for the purpose of achieving low management costs and short fulfillment times of requests coming from the users and from libraries that turn to such services.

The project arose from the idea of using information technology to facilitate the work of the libraries (to decrease costs, to improve work-flow of the operations and to reduce the time needed to carry them out) and to satisfy the needs of the users, in terms of speed and of the quality of the document obtained. On the wake of the pilot studies conducted around the end of the 90s in the United States and in Australia, the project aspired to become a starting point to spread the use of best practices in the exchange of documentations and to improve, qualitatively, the cooperation between the Italian libraries.

The first software prototype was presented in 2001 at the CNR of Rome, at the first meeting on Internet Document Delivery and librarian collaboration.

Since then, the NILDE software has evolved itself always adding newer functions, thanks to the continuous stimulus of the participating libraries. .

To make NILDE as it is now, numerous collaborators of the Library of the Bologna Area of CNR have contributed with their work, their skill, their desire to learn and, above all, their team spirit:

  • Cosimo Alfarano (NILDE 3.1, hard-copy)
  • Beatrice Bacelli (NILDE 4.0, software modules development)
  • Enrico Beghelli (NILDE 4.0, reference manager)
  • Elisa Buzzetti (NILDE 4.0, user's manual)
  • Daniele De Matteis (NILDE 4.0, graphics conception and design of the user interface)
  • Silverio Giancristofaro (NILDE 4.0, software modules development)
  • Massimiliano Giannuzzi (NILDE 2.0, reports)
  • Mara Guazzerotti (NILDE 2.0, user's manual)
  • Diego Malipiero (NILDE 4.0, software modules development and catalogs integration)
  • Jessica Palmieri (NILDE 4.0, user's manual, English and French translations)
  • Celina Paul (NILDE 4.0, English translation of website)
  • Girolamo Pipitone (NILDE 4.0, public website)
  • Patrizia Salamone (NILDE help-desk and libraries support)
  • Giacomo Tenaglia (NILDE 3.1, Shibboleth authentication)
  • Alessandro Tugnoli (NILDE 4.0, architecture, framework software, user interaction, Shibboleth authentication)
  • Marta Zaetta (NILDE 3.0, Nilde-Utenti modules, MyUsers, subscriptions)